Al-Ejmaa Engineering for doors and windows systems Co.

Al-Ejmaa Engineering for Doors & Window Systems, is an exclusive agent for the ALUWOOD Turkish Company.
ALUWOOD Company is characterized by a special strip consists of natural wood from inside, and Aluminum from outside (Wood-Aluminumsystem) with a sound and heat resistant and anti-leakage, in addition to other strips such as:

  • Greek Aluminum Strip, and Normal Turkish Strip, in addition to the economic Turkish doors, as for the price.
  • Taking into consideration that ALUWOOD Company uses the accessories of the German GU Company.



Why wood and aluminum?

Using of wood and aluminum lends a kind of natural beauty and warmness for the building. 

The wood is considered also to be the best in respect of sound insulation and as it is hygienic, much better than any other heating insulation, opposite of other materials, and the heating connectivity thereof is very weak; it is W/Mk 0.13, and it is 8 times higher than P.V.C strip, and higher 400 times than the steel strip, and higher 1800 times than the Aluminum strip, the wood is considered the best for absorbing of sounds, and it can also covers the echo.